The season is here!

I must start by saying for those of you who might be curious… the Beneath the Anvil feature film is being produced as we speak. In fact cameras are shooting me as I type this haha. I would like to thank everyone who is supporting us either financially or even just supporting us by fellowing our progress. If it were not for you guys this film would not be happening. The documentary will capture storm chasing in a way that I think has never been attempted. I could not be more excited to get this season underway! We have already been on one chase, although Im not counting it as a chase technically. We had just got off work and got in bad position over a 100 miles from the supercell. We tried catching it for a bit hoping the storm would stall just long enough for us to catch it, but after 30 mins we had to let the storm go. Sometimes as a storm chaser you have to know when to let go and wait to chase another day. 

Today we are headed to somewhere of the vicinity of Wichita, Kansas to stage up for what might turn out a decent chase day! It’s looking like a nice dryline setup that could yield our first supercell of the season. Odds are definitely not in our favor but its sunday and we are off work so we will definitely take that chance today. I will do a full blog report tomorrow of the days success. Hopefully Ill be telling the story of first supercell chase of the season…



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